Get AOPP Link

The Get AOPP Link button allows you to create a .pdf your customer can use to verify address ownership. To verify address ownership, you can press the following button:

Get AOPP Link Button

This will prompt a modal to verify bitcoin (BTC) or ethereum (ETH) transactions.

Get AOPP Link Bitcoin Deposit

If you choose bitcoin, you will see the option to Deposit or Withdraw. You need to choose the desired account that will be used for the digital signature. You then need to add the name of the customer who wishes to verify the address ownership. For ethereum, there is only one option since addresses work for both.

Once you click on the Get AOPP Link, a new tab will open.

Get AOPP Link PDF Page

This will have a QR code and a link the customer can use with their wallet to verify ownership. You can now go to file -> print on your browser header and save it as a .pdf to send to your customer. The customer can now verify they own the self-hosted wallet address by scanning the QR code with their wallet, provided the wallet supports AOPP.