If a counterparty VASP does not support any Travel Rule protocol, 21 Travel Rule can send an email with the relevant information instead. This makes you compliant with the Travel Rule nonetheless.

If you want to configure email, and we recommend you do, you can do that on the 'Email' tab. If you are unsure of this information, consult your IT team to complete the fields.

Configure your VASP Email

Configure your VASP: Email


An SMTP server is used to send and receive emails. Your SMTP server is either managed by your IT department or an external company. Gmail is an example of a host. If you are unsure of this information, it is best to check with your IT team.

"From" Email Address

This is the email address you will use to send information from.

SMTP Port Number (optional)

This is the port number of your SMTP. The standard secure SMTP port is 587. As a common alternative, port 2525 is usually used. With this said, this field is optional and defaults to 587; if you are unsure, leave this empty.

SMTP Username (optional)

This is the name of the user on the SMTP server you want to use. This will usually be configured on the SMTP server by your IT team.

SMTP Password (optional)

Once your IT team configures the SMTP username in the SMTP server configuration, a password will also be required.

Select Connection Security (optional)

These can be one of three options:

  • TLS

The default value we use is usually STARTTLS, although our software will automatically choose the option more appropriate for you. If issues do appear you can consult your IT team.