On the Counterparty VASP page, you can find the Email tab.

Counterparty VASP Email

Email tab

Here you will find a table with a list of VASPs your team added choosing the Email protocol.

Counterparty VASP Table

This table contains the data introduced by you or someone with access to the account. To add additional VASPs you should use the Add VASP button stated previously and choose the Email tab. This table has the following columns:


List of the chosen VASP names.


The email associated with the VASP name. This must be correct to establish communication between the counterparty VASP.


There are two actions available under the Email tab:


By clicking on the Edit button,

Counterparty VASP Edit Button

you will be able to edit the row and change the email of the VASP. This is in case the VASP changes its email.

Counterparty VASP Email Editing

Once changes have been made, you will see two options under the actions column. These are Save VASP:

Counterparty VASP Edit Save VASP

or Cancel:

Counterparty VASP Edit Cancel

which reverts all changes made.


This option allows you to sever further communication with the counterparty VASP by blocking emails. You simply need to click on the Distrust button.

Counterparty VASP Distrust

This will be reflected in the row associated with the VASP in the GUI.

Counterparty VASP Distrust