Integration Guides

You, as a VASP, can integrate with several APIs.

There are APIs for:

  1. Sending, receiving and querying Travel Rule messages
  2. Showing AOPP URIs to your users
  3. Generating Travel Addresses

Ultimately all of these APIs are optional to use.

Travel Rule messages

We have built the GUI of 21 Travel Rule™ on top of a GraphQL API. A VASP can use the same API to do custom integrations.

There are many things a VASP can do with this API, for example:

  1. Automatically instruct our software to send a Travel Rule message.
  2. Set rules to accept or reject incoming Travel Rule messages automatically.
  3. Create monthly reports based on the exported data.
  4. Listen for incoming Travel Rule messages and alert an employee.


If you opted in to use AOPP, you need to involve your users. The AOPP API allows you to do so. We encourage you to integrate the AOPP API directly in your frontend. All it takes is opening a single websocket per user session to our endpoint.

Travel Address

TRP 2.0 introduced the concept of the Travel Address. With the Travel Address, you provide a better user experience to your end-users. We, therefore, recommend that you use it.

For this to work, 21 Travel Rule™ needs to call an endpoint on your side. In essence, we translate a Travel Address with a virtual asset address.