Find everything you might need to know about our product 21 Travel Rule here.


21 Travel Rule is on-premises software that you can license from 21 Analytics. At no time is information exposed or sent to 21 Analytics!


It is a multiprotocol FATF Travel Rule solution. Currently, the supported protocols are:

  • TRP
  • VerifyVASP
  • Email

When other protocols gain traction in the market, we add them.


We offer a GUI for your compliance officer to handle incoming and outgoing Travel Rule messages. Managing VASP-to-VASP messages is done in the GUI. The same goes for address ownership proofs. The GUI is most suited for parties that have a limited number of transactions per day or parties who have integrated with our API and want a dashboard like functionality.


Additionally, a GraphQL API is available to integrate our software into your IT infrastructure. This requires more effort but can handle a large number of transactions. In addition, this allows for a high level of automation. For example, it is possible to automatically approve transactions that are below a certain threshold.


We have documentation on the deployment of our software and subsequent upgrades. You are using Docker to deploy software in your infrastructure. Once a licence agreement is signed, we will give you access to our registry. We advise running at least two instances of our software - one for production and one for testing. Additionally, staging and failover instances should be run in an enterprise environment.


We mirror some information you will find here. When we do, we will point to the authoritative source.


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